Our History: Asbestos Removal

Jun 13, 2019

It was around seven years ago that the HSE first suggested that the Beech Group needed to do more large scale asbestos removal to maintain its licence. They acknowledged that we knew what we were doing, but that they were trying to clamp down on the number of license holders. We knew we had what it took, so we stepped up to the plate.

Since that day the new division has grown rapidly and now has a depth of experience and qualification that is the envy of many. The current employed personnel number around 30 and we have all our own equipment, including a brand-new 16 man DCU. The way Beech Group deal with safety and procedure shows that we mean business. Our asbestos removal projects now account for a high proportion of our work every year.

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Wirral Business Awards

Wirral Business Awards 2019

Jun 12, 2019

We’re very pleased to report that Beech Group has been nominated for the Energy and Environmental Business of the Year Award in the Wirral Business Awards 2019. This highlights our continued commitment to this field, particularly through our remediation and geo-environmental work.

The awards ceremony will take place on the 21st of June 2019 at the Floral Pavilion in New Brighton. You can see all the shortlisted businesses and categories on the Wirral Business Awards website, and a limited number of tickets for the event are still available. We’ll keep you updated on how we get on!

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190 Club Raises Over £20,000!

Jun 7, 2019

During 2018, Beech set up a fund called the 190 Club aiming to attract 190 companies or individuals to donate £190 per year in return for being incorporated in a raffle every month for three prizes of £500, £300 and £200. This was a smashing success, as we managed to raise £20,000 for Feeding Britain over the year.

As you can see in the photo above, The Johnson Foundation generously matched what the 190 Club raised in 2018, bringing the total donated to Feeding Britain up to an astonishing £40,000! 

Every single penny raised will go to Feeding Britain: a charity seeking to try and solve the problems of hunger, homelessness and cold in a constructive way. Along with many other important projects, Feeding Britain raise much-needed funds and provide advice for people in the Wirral struggling to buy food, recently opening the Number 7 cafe and supermarket in Birkenhead.

“One gesture like this when multiplied over many companies/individuals is making a difference.” – Chris Wainwright, MD

Our MD Chris Wainright and Kate Eugeni from the Johnson Foundation presented the two £20,000 cheques to Frank Field in front of the Number Seven cafe in Birkenhead. The Number Seven opened its doors in late 2018, as part of the Birkenhead branch of Feeding Britain’s mission to help. It operates as not only a cafe but as a non-profit citizen’s supermarket and a hub for practical advice for those who are struggling.

The Number Seven cafe is just one example among many projects and initiatives that Feeding Britain is developing to address poverty in the UK. It’s wonderful to know that the money raised will be put to real, practical use and help people all over the country. Here’s to an even better 2019 with even more raised through the 190 Club!

If you would like to join the 190 Club in 2019, or request more information, please contact Chris at

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Charlotte's brightside

Looking on the Brightside

Jun 5, 2019

We’re pleased to announce that Beech Group will be undertaking demolition works for Charlotte’s Brightside, a local charity based on the Wirral.

They support youth communities in New Brighton and Wallasey by offering a safe space with engaging activities for children and young people. Their activities are designed with the intent of improving the quality of life of the children, relieving their social needs and helping them to develop their skills, capacities and capabilities for the future.

We can’t wait to get cracking – watch this space for more updates on the project.

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Our History: Petrochemical

May 13, 2019

Looking back in the Beech job book, 20 years ago we were completing the demolition of the old storage depot in Silvertown London for Shell UK.

Since that day our petrochemical division has gone from strength to strength. Both plant and equipment have evolved massively over those years: we now outright own a number of modern Doosan excavators with up-to-date attachments and oil quick conversion.

Many of the same lads from back then now work as managers in the Beech Group. The  Company has dismantled four bitumen plants in the UK and has decommissioned floating roof tanks as far away as Trinidad. Beech are currently tendering for some large-scale petrochemical contracts all over the UK.

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Arthur’s Beech Birthday

May 10, 2019

Earlier this year our director Arthur Marley reached an incredible milestone – his 40th year of working for Beech Group! Arthur’s been here nearly as long as the company itself – John Beech Ltd was founded in 1963 and he joined the company as a fitter in 1979. Since then he’s risen through the ranks and now directs demolition in the Group.

Being with us for 40 years is a momentous achievement, so we had to celebrate Arthur’s milestone twice!

At the NFDC AGM & Awards Luncheon 2019, our MD Chris Wainwright prepared a surprise presentation for Arthur before the awards were announced. Arthur was recognised for 40 years in service with a special NFDC Certificate of Achievement signed by colleagues at Resurgam House.

(Pictured above: Chris’ speech at the NFDC AGM & Awards and Gyles Brandreth, who hosted the event, congratulating Arthur).

But this wasn’t the only recognition we planned for Arthur: we threw our own party at our local rugby club a few weeks beforehand, which meant the presentation at the NFDC Awards came as even more of a surprise! There we gathered together his colleagues and friends and presented him with a watch to commemorate his achievement.

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ISO 45001 Full Certification

May 7, 2019

Beech Group are excited to report that at the earliest opportunity, within a year of the introduction of the new International Standard ISO 45001 – Occupation Health & Safety – the Company has gained full certification (transitioning successfully from OHSAS 18001).

This comes hard on the heels of being granted a further 3-year asbestos removal license from the HSE in January 2019.

This again demonstrates Beech Group`s continued commitment to exceeding health and safety requirements for all employees, our sub-contractors, clients, stakeholders and interested parties.

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Glad We Clad

It’s been a few years now since we secured our first major industrial cladding work in recent times. On a chance encounter, Cammell Lairds invited us to tender for stripping and re-roofing the massive three bays sitting beside the huge boat building warehouse in Birkenhead. Because they are next to this behemoth, they look quite small but as you can tell in the photo of one half of one of them, they are gigantic.

The job was a massive success, on budget and in time.

That contract also saw the start of a joint venture with local firm Wirral Cladding. We safely remove old roofing and they replace it. Since then we have done some sizeable works for a national car dealer and for The Big Yellow, the national storage specialist.

I think it’s fair to say that after the Lairds project there isn’t really anything we couldn’t tackle in this field.

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feeding britain

The 190 Club

During 2018, Beech set up a fund called the 190 club aiming to attract 190 companies or individuals to donate £190 in return for being incorporated in a raffle every month for three prizes of £500, £300 and £200.


Every single penny raised would go to Feeding Britain: a charity seeking to try and solve the problems of hunger, homelessness and cold in a constructive way. Along with many other important projects, Feeding Britain raise much-needed funds for people in the Wirral struggling to buy food and recently opened the Number 7 cafe and supermarket in Birkenhead. Frank Field is a massive supporter of this charity and its methods, as are all the members of the Mersey Maritime Group.


It raised £18,220 in its first year and the Johnson Foundation amazingly stepped in and doubled that! This effort has resulted in Beech being shortlisted for the Positive Impact Award at the Mersey Maritime Business Awards 2019.


If anyone reading this news item would like to join the 190 club, the new year has started and the draws commence in early February. Contact for more information.

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Beech Group

Training Division Launch

Day 1 and they’re off. The new training facility started up yesterday, one day before the Companies 55th birthday landmark. The first booked customer was impressed as was the tutor for the course which is the five day counter balance novice course. the photo shows the training manager and brain child James Millward and the instructor Damian Jamieson. There is a continuous stream of courses available.

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