The Hive

Our team took a trip down to The Hive, a mere 10-minute walk from our offices in The Foundry. Easy to find and get to and yet hidden away from the world at the same time, truly a remarkable place, a little gem in Birkenhead.

The building from the outside seems ordinary, other than the massive rock-climbing wall visible through the large windows along the front wall. On entry however everything changes, our jaws hit the floor. The building is so colourful and full of life, everywhere you look there was something new and interesting. We were given a tour by Catherine, she showed us some of the truly amazing things they had in the hive for the young people. From a cosy nook for recording podcasts and music to a large sports hall! There is truly so much to do in The Hive.

The Hive only charges £5 a year for membership and 50p per visit, and on top of this, for £1 the young people can get a hot meal! For some kids, this will be the only hot meal they have eaten that week. It’s truly a vital service for these people and thus we can’t afford to lose it. The Hive relies heavily on funding from companies in the local area, thus the creation of The Hive 100 scheme. The Hive 100 scheme in short is an ask of 100 companies to donate £1000 to help keep The Hive running and able to get in the specialist help they need for the young people in the area. That is why we are donating £1000 to The Hive, along with trying to raise a further £1000 from our suppliers. If you would like to donate to The Hive, either privately or through your company, you can do so by going to The Hive and donating there or helping us raise the £1000 by emailing