We at Beech Group have recently added a further service to our portfolio which is the fabrication and installation of insulation and cladding for the industrial market. We provide engineering expertise, design and supply and installation services on a full range of thermal and acoustic insulation systems, complete with various insulation cladding systems on vessels, boilers, tanks, pipework, fittings and ductwork for both high and low temperature applications. We can provide insulation services dealing with contracts ranging from small and intricate specialist works to large scale insulation projects. These services are supported by our reliable in-house insulation manufacturing facility and cladding fabrication workshops. The company’s head office, workshop and storage facility are based in The Foundry Business Centre, Birkenhead with additional offices and workshop facilities located on its fixed site based in the North West of England.


Insulation is material used to prevent heat, sound or both from being transmitted from one adjoining area to another. Though a great deal of thermal (heat) insulation does provide some benefit in terms of reducing noise, specific forms of acoustic insulation designed to specifically target sound transmission can be necessary depending on the site. 


Here at Beech Group, we have expanded our portfolio to cover various insulation cladding systems for both low and high temperature applications on the following:

  • Vessels
  • Pipework
  • Ductwork
  • Boilers
  • Tanks
  • Fittings


Here at Beech Group, we are fully qualified and prepared to assist you in every step of the way when it comes to insulation. As we can guide you from the very start of the process ourselves, providing our engineering expertise and design services, you will be guaranteed a consistent level of quality.



Insulation can greatly improve a site’s performance, and also can be crucial when working with systems such as pipework, for which thermal insulation may prove a health and safety assurance.